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17 July, 2014

Hong Kong is a metropolis on the southern tip of China, where there's freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and rule of law. Since its handover from Britain to China 17 years ago, the people of Hong Kong were granted a wide range of civil liberties, and a measure of autonomy under the governing principle known as "one country, two systems". But many say that way of life is now under threat. As Beijing affirms its "comprehensive jurisdiction" over Hong Kong and with a growing number of mainland Chinese heading into Hong Kong, some people are asking is it the end of Hong Kong as we know it?

16 July, 2014

This month CNN's ‘Leading Women' profiles the 'queen' of Macau's gambling empire, Linda Chen, and the ‘queen' of cosmetics, Bobbi Brown.

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout meets Taiwanese-born Linda Chen who is the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Wynn Resorts Macau. An alumni of Cornell and Stanford, Chen previously worked for MGM Mirage and Bellagio in Vegas, joining Wynn Resorts in 2002. She has taken the company's gaming and resort industry to new heights and she is one of Asia's 50 most powerful businesswomen. Chen tells CNN about making the move to the new frontier of gaming, Macau, lessons she took from Las Vegas, and what her parents thought of her entering the casino industry.

10 July, 2014

This month on ‘Talk Asia' Academy Award winning actress and face of French fashion label ‘Dior', Natalie Portman, takes CNN behind the scenes of the luxury brand's new exhibition in Shanghai. The Hollywood star chats about starting her acting career at age 11, graduating from Harvard University with a psychology degree, and winning a Best Actress Oscar for ‘Black Swan'. Portman also reveals what ego and empathy mean to her, and shares insights on her latest film project. But it's not all just about making movies - Portman discusses causes close to her heart including her role in the anti-poverty movement FINCA.

4 July, 2014

CNN is launching a new Digital Leadership programme that will provide journalists and executives from CNN's partners worldwide the very latest technological innovations in newsgathering and production.

The inaugural Digital Leadership intake, starting on 7 July, will see participants from countries including the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brazil, Israel, Bahrain, France and Germany, immersed in CNN's digital experience and expertise so they can empower their organisations with more effective multi-platform digital content and strategies. The ten-day programme - taking place at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta and then in the very heart of digital innovation in Silicon Valley - will embed executive-level newsroom and digital leaders into CNN's digital multi-platform operations and the cutting-edge technology companies of digital media.

23 June, 2014

‘Nepal's Organ Trail: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary' highlights the brutal and exploitative organ trade in Nepal which sees the trafficking of impoverished and ignorant villagers as unwitting kidney donors. CNN International Correspondent Sumnima Udas investigates the plight of these trafficked victims who live with severe health complications and the threat of premature death looms large, pushing their impoverished families further into the cycle of poverty and exploitation.