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17 April, 2014

China is home to more than 600 million internet users, with over 80% of them accessing the web via smartphones. With statistics like these China's mobile market is ripe for opportunity and companies around the world are scrambling to get in on the action.

17 April, 2014

On April 27, Pope Francis is set to make Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII saints, giving them the highest distinction in the Catholic Church. Millions are expected in Rome for the ceremony but many don't fully understand what's involved in the path to sainthood. The history of making saints is filled with elements of intrigue and drama, and the process has been through drastic changes since its origin.  In a CNN special presentation, Becky Anderson delves into the spiritual, political, and sometimes controversial process involved in The Making of a Saint.

14 April, 2014

This month CNN's ‘Leading Women' profiles two remarkable women: American actress, producer and fashion designer Sarah Jessica Parker, and the CEO of one of the world's largest independent PR agencies, Kathy Bloomgarden.

11 April, 2014

The fight to save a bizarre, scale covered mammal facing extinction has gained fresh traction thanks to donations from readers. Money raised by readers responding to a CNN feature will fund a public service announcement in Vietnam, home to the highly endangered species.

The pangolin was featured as part of CNN's Change the List project. CNN readers donated more than US$17,000 to Education for Nature Vietnam, a group based in Hanoi, Vietnam that will use the funds to produce a public service announcement to help raise awareness of the pangolin's plight.

10 April, 2014

He's the relentless and outspoken mining magnate behind the world's fourth largest iron ore producer. This month on ‘Talk Asia' CNN's Monita Rajpal meets the Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group Andrew Forrest. He reveals how his rural upbringing gave him the courage to take risks in business. Plus he describes how one Nepalese orphan changed his life and sparked his fight to end slavery.